The administrative unit of the CGP works closely with IBS headquarters and POSTECH administration offices and provides administrative services for CGP members and visitors. The main focus of the administration for the inaugural year was to the management of space. This included negotiating with POSTECH to secure space for the center until the planned construction of a research complex as well as the renovation, remodeling, and design of that space.

Office Location:

Mathematical Science Building, Room 108
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
77 Cheongam-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang, Gyeongbuk
KOREA 37673


Byeon, Hee Eun

  • Visitor Support Business Trips Guesthouse
  •   +82-54-279-9902

Jung, Soon Ok

  • Budgeting Purchasing/Asset Management Military Service Personnel Management
  •   +82-54-279-9903

Kim, Genn Ia

  • HR Foreign Member Support Conferences and Events
  •   +82-54-279-9905

Lee, Eun Ju

  • Director's Secretary IBS POSTECH Campus Bldg. TF Team Health, Safety and Security Management
  •   +82-54-279-9904

Park, Soojin

  • MoU Preprints & Publication/Library Management Advisory Committee
  •   +82-54-279-9907
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