Programs to support visiting scholars

Philosophy of support

The goal of the visitor programs at the center is to support dynamic researchers working in topics related to the core fields of interest. In particular, the center aims to facilitate the active creation of new research and the dissemination of recent progress at the boundary of what is known.

More concretely, we believe that mixing interesting people working on interesting problems in one place has the potential to reveal commonalities, promote collaboration, and help those people advance in understanding. To this end, the center hosts a constantly changing group of visiting scholars, whose activity is thought of as a central part of our mission.

The center can provide office space and housing for approved visitors. Limited funds are available to support for travel and local expenses for visiting scholars.

To apply to visit, please fill out the form below. For the intensive research program, only one group member should submit an application.

Visitors program

Mathematicians and physicists with research interests in line with CGP members are invited to apply for periods in residence at the center. There is no fixed maximum period in residence; a visit can be anything from a few days to a month or more. Furthermore, the center fosters ongoing relationships with recurring visitors. For scholars who find their visits fruitful, there are several part-time positions intended specifically for this purpose.

In addition to ad hoc visits, the center hosts multiple conferences each year. Conference attendees can apply for support using the link above, although funds for conference support are somewhat more limited.

Intensive research program for groups of two to four

In order to support the creation of new collaborative research, the center offers full support for small groups of researchers (two to four) from different institutions to work in close physical proximity for intensive periods. One researcher may be a CGP member, but this is not necessary. Each member of the group is housed in the same building and the group occupies one or two offices communally for the duration of their visit. In keeping with the larger goals of IBS, intensive research proposals are approved based primarily on quality and only secondarily on their relation to current CGP members' active research.

Please submit your application as early as possible, keeping in mind that available positions fill up and that administrative procedures take time. In particular, we request that you submit your visitor application at least two weeks in advance for domestic visitors and two months in advance for overseas visitors if at all possible.

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