September 15, 2021

Accepting Applications for Senior Researcher Positions

The IBS Center for Geometry and Physics (IBS-CGP) invites applications for several senior researcher positions. IBS-CGP is working to bring the world’s leading scientists in mathematics together with young researchers to collaborate on research projects with passion and commitment. To this end, [...]

January 13, 2021

Director Yong-Geun Oh's New Book on Kuranishi Structure

Director OH Yong-Geun from IBS Center for Geometry and Physics Published a New Book on Kuranishi Structure Director OH Yong-Geun’s new book, 『Kuranishi Structure and Virtual Fundamental Chains』 has been recently published by Springer, an esteemed publisher of many peer-reviewed journals incl [...]

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December 12, 2019

IBS Director Yong-Geun Oh Awarded the 2019 Korea Science Award

Prof. Yong-Geun Oh, a director of IBS-CGP has won the 2019 Korea Science Award, recognized for his achievements in mirror symmetry, symplectic topology and establishment of the Lagrangian Floer theory. This award is presented by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National Research F [...]

October 1, 2019

Dr. Yat-Hin Suen Awarded Honorable Mention of PhD [...]

Dr. Yat-Hin Suen was awarded Honorable Mention of PhD thesis for New World Mathematics Award 2018. "New World Mathematics Awards" was first initiated and established by Dr Henry Cheng and Professor Yau Shing-tung in September 2007, with funding from the New World Group and China Young Leaders D [...]

June 20, 2019

Associate Director positions (AD)

The IBS Center for Geometry and Physics (IBS-CGP) invites applications for Associate Director positions (position ID: AD) from mathematicians of exceptional research record and leadership in the areas of geometric topology, dynamical systems, algebraic geometry, or mathematical physics. IBS-CGP is [...]

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March 21, 2019

IBS Young Scientist Fellowship (YSF) Program

The IBS Center for Geometry and Physics (IBS-CGP) invites applicants for one IBS Young Scientist Fellowship position from young mathematicians of under five years of research experience (after Ph.D.) in the areas of geometry and mathematical physics. IBS-CGP is located on the campus of Poha [...]

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October 17, 2018

Dr. Rune Haugseng Awarded the Viggo Brun Prize

In September 2018 the Norwegian Mathematical Society celebrated its 100th anniversary at a national meeting of mathematicians held in Bergen. At the meeting, the society announced a new national prize, the Viggo Brun Prize. The prize is named after the noted number theorist Viggo Brun who became [...]

May 25, 2017

Prof. Jihun Park Awarded KMS Research Article Priz [...]

Prof. Jihun Park, a group leader at the IBS-CGP has won the Korean Mathematical Society's 2017 Best Paper Award.

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June 15, 2015

Dr. Drummond-Cole featured in IBS Webzine Vol.1

Dr. Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole, a tenure-track research fellow at the IBS-CGP since September 2013, talks about his experience at the center and in Pohang in an interview featured at the first volume of the IBS Webzine (June 2015).

Please follow the link below to read the full interview.

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