Topological String Theory and Related Topics

[IBS-CGP  Conference]

June 3 – 14, 2019

CERN, Switzerland

Organizers: Ahmad Zein Assi, Alba Grassi, Cheol-Hyun Cho, Calin Lazaroiu, Sangmin Lee, Wolfgang Lerche, Marcos Marino, Nikita Nekrasov, Yong-Geun Oh, and Johannes Walcher

Key speakers:
1st week: A. Klemm, K. S. Narain, R. Schiappa

2nd week: C.-H. Cho, J.-S. Park and J. Solomon

Short description
The first week of the Institute will primarily focus on non-perturbative topological string theory, refinement, exact quantization, and matrix models, while the second week will deal with B-type topological string theory, open-closed mirror symmetry, and categories of matrix factorizations. One of the goals of the second week is to bring together researchers in both Mathematics and Physics.

This informal workshop will have just 2-3 talks per day to allow for extensive discussions and collaboration. It is supported jointly by CERN and by the Korean government under the CERN-Korea Collaboration agreement. It is also supported by the IBS Center for Geometry and Physics, Korea.

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