Background and Purpose

The Center for Geometry and Physics (CGP) was founded in July 2012 as one of the first research centers of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS). IBS is a newly established research institute in Korea that aims to become a dream research institute for world-class scientists where they can enjoy the utmost freedom in conducting their research projects.

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The CGP originated in a government funded award, via IBS, to the research program of its director Yong-Geun Oh. This program aims to help establish and develop the emerging field of symplectic algebraic topology through a collaborative effort by experts in fields such as symplectic geometry, dynamical systems, algebraic geometry and mathematical physics. The center is currently evolving into an international institution with a broader scope, focusing more generally on geometry and mathematical physics.

An ideal scientific research institute should be a place which fosters the disinterested pursuit of learning and the fundamental innovative thinking that advances the individual fields of inquiry of an intellectual community. The center’s goal is to enable the research environment at the CGP to achieve this ideal. The center exists to provide an environment for the creation of new mathematics, engagement in international collaboration, and inspiration of young and upcoming leaders to further pursue the fields of geometry and theoretical physics.

Even though Korea has a long and rich intellectual history, its participation in the modern scientific and mathematical communities is relatively new. In particular, institutes dedicated solely to mathematics are very rare, making the CGP a valuable institution with the potential to serve an important function within the larger Korean scientific community. The center’s emphasis on international collaboration will offer a chance for scholars with similar passions to plant ideas together and watch them grow, no matter where they are on the globe, and allow the center to serve as a bridge between Korean mathematicians and the international mathematical community.

The center is loosely organized into multiple research groups, each of which comprises a senior scholar (group leader) and several researchers whose areas of expertise and interest overlap synergistically. The director and group leaders decide collectively on the major scientific activities such as annual thematic programs, conferences, and seminars, and distribute the center’s budget accordingly. They also select and work closely with research fellows, visitors and graduate students.


The center is located on the intellectually dynamic campus of Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) in Pohang, Korea. Members and visitors at the Center will immediately be immersed in an intellectual network that reaches beyond the peaceful seaside city.


  • July 31, 2012 - Year Founded
  • May 23, 2013 - New Research Office Opening
  • June 20 - 22, 2013 - Inaugural Conference

2013 Annual Report